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[announce] Alt-N Technologies Announces RelayFax 5.0

Alt-N Technologies Announces RelayFax 5.0
Monday, July 01, 2002

Alt-N Technologies today is announcing the release of RelayFax 5.0. This new version features SMTP authentication in both the client and server software, broadcast faxing directly from the desktop client software, automatic modem policing keeps modem problems to a minimum and alerts the administrator if modem errors occur, plus many other great new capabilities.

“We feel that this version of RelayFax will allow us to extend our market penetration. Faxing is still a reality in today’s business world, and a reliable fax server can seriously cut down on costs and improve productivity,” says Arvel Hathcock, CEO of Alt-N Technologies, Ltd.

To see what RelayFax 5.0 can do for you, visit http://www.altn.com.

Question: What will the price points be for RelayFax 5.0?

6 users
12 users
25 users
50 users
100 users
250 users

Question: Will this product be available from my local Alt-N authorized distributor/reseller?
Answer: Absolutely! Alt-N will make this product available to all of our distributors and resellers.

Question: Am I eligible to receive this upgrade for free?
Answer: Yes, if you purchase RelayFax in May or June of this year.

Question: I don’t qualify for a free upgrade. What will my upgrade cost be?
Answer: If you are an existing customer but did not purchase your RelayFax license recently your cost to upgrade will be 25% of the price points listed above.

Question: Will my existing RelayFax registration key work in RelayFax 5.0?
Answer: No. You will need to acquire a new key from Alt-N Technologies if you purchased RelayFax directly from Deerfield.com in the past. If you purchase from a reseller or distributor in the past, you should contact them for instructions on acquiring a new key.

Question: I want to try RelayFax 5.0 before I purchase or upgrade. Is this possible?
Answer: Yes. RelayFax 5.0 will install in fully functional 30-day trial mode.

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact mollie@altn.com. Thanks

Some of the new capabilities possible with RelayFax 5.0 will help further penetrate this powerful fax server software into the real-world business environment.

  • IMPROVED BROADCAST FAXING - Broadcast faxes can now be submitted from the RelayFax SMTP Client.
  • SUPPORT FOR AUTHENTICATED SMTP SESSIONS - RelayFax now support server and client authentication protocols making your site more secure.
  • AUTOMATIC MODEM POLICING - The administrator can now receive emails when modem problems arise and can even configure RelayFax to suspend operations on problem modems.
  • SMARTER FAX HANDLING - RelayFax can detect and immediately fail an outgoing fax if a human answers the phone. This increases the speed with which subsequent faxes are delivered.
  • ENHANCED GUI - RelayFax now presents information to the administrator in a more intuitive and easier to understand fashion.
These are just a few of the exciting possibilities with RelayFax 5.0. For a complete list, see below.

To view a full listing of features for RelayFax 5.0, click here

To view a feature comparision chart for RelayFax 5.0, click here

To join Alt-N Technologies' Beta Community, click here

To download a copy of RelayFax 5.0 Beta, click here

For more information on us or email and fax server products, please visit www.altn.com

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