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Users IMAP junk folder - 04:27am Jun 1, 2022 CDT - Thank you Arron, your suggest works perfectly.
It could be nice to add these options (copy and move) directly into actions list of content filters.
Have a nice day, Stefano

Edit and save messages - 03:35am May 30, 2022 CDT - Hello everyone,
after Remote Administration version 20.0.4 i found this little problem: if I edit and modify a message Subject into [Messages and Queues -> Spam trap Queue] when I press Save button the message will not be saved.
Any way to re-enable this feature?
Thank for you time, Stefano.

Users IMAP junk folder - 04:28am Jun 1, 2022 CDT - Hello everybody,
I enabled Users IMAP junk folder instead of Public SPAM Trap folder to place SPAM messages. I also built some content filters to intercept more messages but I found no way to place filtered messages into Users IMAP junk folders.
Any suggestions?..


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