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Web Password Recovery - 05:31pm Jan 5, 2022 CDT - Hi Arron, I checked the User.ini file for the accounts I have been testing with and they all had "EnablePasswordRecovery=Yes".
After removing this line as you suggested, everything now works as it should. I can now toggle Password Recovery ON and OFF through the MDaemon Admin Web Interface...

Web Password Recovery - 03:24pm Jan 4, 2022 CDT - Ultimately I would like to have only 1 domain to allow for password recovery. The others would not allow it.

At first password recovery was not available on any domain...

Web Password Recovery - 12:14pm Jan 4, 2022 CDT - Yes, I have logged out and back in.
I have tried restarting the MDaemon service as well and even with EnablePasswordRecovery=No in all settings, password recovery is now permanently ON for all domains.

MDaemon webmail seems to be ignoring these settings.

Web Password Recovery - 10:17am Jan 4, 2022 CDT - Ok, I have made the changes you suggested and now all domains have password recovery.

There now seems to be another problem. I am using "MD Admin" webpage to make changes and if I go into "Main\Webmail Settings\Settings" and uncheck "Enable Password Recovery" and also go into "Main\Domain Manager" and then go into each domain and under "Webmail Settings" uncheck "Enable Password Recovery" I can see in the "Domains.ini" the entries "EnablePasswordRecovery=No" under [Default:UserDefaults] and also under each domain [mydomain.com:UserDefaults] I see "EnablePasswordRecovery=No" yet Password recovery is now always on...

Web Password Recovery - 05:07pm Jan 3, 2022 CDT -

>Are all user's having the issue or only some?

Yes, ALL

>If you open MDaemon\WorldClient\Domains.ini, does it contain EnablePasswordRecovery=No?

It has...


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