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noreply@whatever.ie - 12:29am Aug 4, 2020 CDT - Hi,
I have a question. On our server, we have lots of domains. By checking Reports/outbound/top senders I see email noreply@domain.ie I can locate this email via accounts via allies as well so I can check what it is sending...

find outgoing smap - 02:53pm Jun 24, 2020 CDT - Thanks, Arron, I have seen these reports but still can get who is spamming, I have firewall forwarding rules allowing port 25 only for mail, server any other device trying to do SMTP on port 25 gets blocked. If monitor the connection to the mail server and out on the firewall I can see doggy IP's those doing a constant connection to the mail server and those IP are blacklisted as well in various places. I'm nearly one hundred per cent sure that all the problem is in mail server but can't identify, virus scan sais it free of virus...

find outgoing SPAM - 04:17pm Mar 17, 2021 CDT - Hello,
Our mail IP was twice listed on Spamhouse in XBL list on CBL lookup.
The description says it could be Mikrotik router fault but our router is safe and secured no faults or problems. Have created a firewall rule to see if any of the devices sending anything outside on port 25, results are only mail server does this...

Majority amount of emails started going in to the holding queue after new update. - 02:13pm Jun 9, 2020 CDT - Thank you for all your advises to fix this problem, looks like job is done and fixed.
What I did I have renamed ClamAVPlugin folder to ClamAVPligin.Old and ran installation, so all went good and new folder has been recreated. And looks like holding queue is empty for the last 10min I'll keep monitoring but looks ok now...

Majority amount of emails started going in to the holding queue after new update. - 12:04pm Jun 9, 2020 CDT - Hi,
SecurityPlus directory - read-only
ClamAVPlugin directory - read-only
Conf directory - read-only

clamd.conf and freshclam.conf are normal (not read-only). Installing account is "administrator" and has full control of both files.

OS- Windows Server 2012R2

I have sent you zipped install.log file via email...


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