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[Announce] RelayFax and SecurityGateway updated, Internet Threat Trend Report, and MDaemon Tips

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scott.smith@altn.com - 10:30am, Jun 8 2010
Interactive Marketing Manager, Alt-N Technologies

June 2010

•  Q1 Internet Threats Trend Report
•  Whitelisting with MDaemon
•  Security Threat Center
•  MDaemon & RelayFax Tips
•  RelayFax & SecurityGateway Updated

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Q1 Internet Threats Trend Report

The Alt-N Technologies/Commtouch Quarterly Trend Report for Q1 2010 was recently released. The latest report features statistics and trends on messaging and Web threats. Below are some highlights:

      •  5 to 10% of all spam appears to come from a Gmail account (although many are spoofed domains)
      •  Phishing attacks continue to utilize highly recognized Internet brands, such as Gmail, Facebook,
         PayPal, and CNN
      •  An average of 83% of all email was spam
      •  An average of 305,000 zombies were activated daily
      •  The Mal/Bredo malware had 838 variants during the quarter

The Alt-N Technologies Literature page has the latest information on product data sheets, product reviews, white papers, quick-start guides, security trend reports, and more. The Q1 2010 Internet Threat Trend Report is available from our Literature page or as a downloadable PDF.
Whitelisting with MDaemon

The whitelisting feature located within MDaemon's spam filter provides mail administrators additional control over spam filtering behavior. A whitelist is a list of addresses or domains that the mail administrator trusts and should not be treated as spam. A whitelist match subtracts a certain number of points from a message's spam score, and a black list match will add a certain number of points to a message's spam score.

Whitelist entries must be added using proper syntax. The MDaemon Whitelisting guide provides clarification among whitelist (by sender), whitelist (by recipient), and whitelist (no filtering), and explains how to properly format whitelist entries.
Security Threat Center

The new Security Threat Center is your one stop source for the latest in security news. It provides a quick view to the most recent global spam outbreaks and top spamming domains. The Security Threat Center also keeps you informed and educated with a continuously updated feed of the latest in IT security news.
Do you have a comment or feedback about the articles in this section? Send comments to marketing@altn.com.
Update RelayFax Login Credentials When Using MDaemon 11

MDaemon 11 requires a full email address as username by default. If using Alt-N Technologies' RelayFax Network Fax Manager with MDaemon 11, the fax server and client must also be updated to reflect MDaemon's new login requirements.

In RelayFax:
      1.  Update the RelayFax Properties Screen.
           a.  Go to File | RelayFax Properties.
           b.  Select the "Mail Server" tab.
           c.  If "My server requires authentication" is checked, then make sure a full email address is
                entered into the "Account name" field.
      2.  Update the Mail Sources screen.
           a.  Go to Tools | Mail Sources.
           b.  If an MDaemon 11 server is listed as one or more of your mail sources, then make sure
                a full email address is listed in the "Logon" field.

In the RelayFax SMTP Client, update the Server Settings screen:
      1.  Right-click on the grey RelayFax SMTP Client icon in the Windows system tray at the bottom
           right-hand corner of the screen (next to the clock).
      2.  Click on "Properties."
      3.  Select the "Server Settings" tab.
      4.  If "My server requires authentication" is checked, then make sure a full email address is
           entered into the "Account name" field.
MDaemon's WorldClient Webmail Lookout Theme – IE 6 Not Supported

Beginning with MDaemon 10.1.0, users of Internet Explorer version 6 or below attempting to view WorldClient using the Lookout theme will be taken to the default Standard theme. Because of the powerful changes to the LookOut theme over the last several versions of MDaemon, and because of the advancement of web technologies and standards since 2001, the LookOut theme no longer supports Internet Explorer 6. Users of Internet Explorer 6 or lower will be redirected to the Standard theme so that they may continue to gain access to their email and other groupware data.

It is strongly recommended that users upgrade to Internet Explorer 8 which has been released with significant improvements to security, rendering quality, and performance.
Legitimate Messages Routing to User's Spam.IMAP folders

If legitimate email messages are being routed to users' SPAM.IMAP folders, yet MDaemon did not score the messages as spam and no errors are found in the Anti-Spam.log file, then it is likely that MDaemon is filtering these messages based on an "X-Spam-Flag" header that was placed in the message from a previous mail server. To circumvent this behavior in MDaemon 10 and up:

      1.  Go to Setup | Preferences | Miscellaneous.
      2.  Click on "Headers" in the left-hand navigation menu.
      3.  Under "If present, remove these headers," check the "X-Spam-Flag" box,
           and then click "Apply" and "Ok."
We are hard at work improving many of our other products and pleased to announce the updated versions of the following products:

RelayFax Network Fax Manager and SecurityGateway for Exchange/SMTP Servers both had a minor update recently. For both products the installation process now performs a one-time collection of basic customer information.
RelayFax Network Fax Manager
— Recently Updated

SecurityGateway for Exchange/SMTP Servers update also added a user option to disable Flash graphs on the "Dashboard" and "My Account" pages. This update also includes several fixes to the most recent version. For a full listing of updates included in this release, review the release notes for more information.

Download SecurityGateway for Exchange/SMTP Servers 2.0.3.
RelayFax Network Fax Manager
— Recently Updated

RelayFax Network Fax Manager previous, recent update included the upgrade of the Dialogic/Brooktrout drivers to the latest SDK version 6.0 and updated its Open Source Fax Engine to version 1.0.15. Review the release notes for more information.

Download RelayFax Network Fax Manager 6.7.11.
Help Spread the Word

Help Alt-N Technologies' awareness in the user community by offering comments to any of the following web sites or providing a referral:

Now you can connect with over 200 other MDaemon professionals on the LinkedIn social network site. Request to join the MDaemon User Community.

Check out the latest MDaemon User Community discussion on personalizing WorldClient.

Have you had a positive experience using SecurityGateway for Exchange/SMTP Servers? Help spread the word and let others know your success by visiting SecurityGateway's listings on WindowSecurity.com. They are a leading site featuring Windows security news, articles, tutorials, software listings, and reviews for information security professionals covering topics such as firewalls, viruses, intrusion detection and other security topics.

If you are a former Exchange user and want to help with Word of Mouth marketing for MDaemon as a great alternative email server for small-to-medium businesses, we could use some votes and comments on a new "alternative" site. Please visit the MDaemon Email Server page on the "Alternative To" website. You can leave a comment and give us a "Like" vote to share your experience. We want to help other users looking for alternatives to Exchange learn more about MDaemon. Thanks for your loyalty and support!

Check out our new YouTube.com channel featuring company profile information, product videos, and links to our partners' videos. Please help us to share this information by subscribing to our channel, commenting on our videos, and giving us friend status.

Are you one of the 400,000 members of the Spice Works Community? If so, cast your vote to keep MDaemon at the top of the "Best Email Server" list.

CNET Download.com & Tucows.com
Do you think the MDaemon Email Server is a great messaging product? Help tell others by submitting a review at the bottom of Download.com's MDaemon Email Server page or Tucows' MDaemon Email Server for Windows page. Registration might be required on either site if you are not an existing member.
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