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Andrew McPherson

Which Alt-N products do you use?

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Update Autoresponder - 05:31pm Dec 22, 2021 CDT - Hi Arron,

MDaemon Version: 21.5.0

Have attached a zip file. Have been using Updateooo.ps1 to create and push xml file. The xml file it creates UpdateOOO.xml is also included in the zip file...

Update Autoresponder - 03:12pm Dec 22, 2021 CDT - Hi Arron,

Heading into the office now. Will post script and xml files.



Update Autoresponder - 06:31am Dec 22, 2021 CDT - Thanks Emanuele.

It's 22:30 here so will be offline for the next 8 or 9 hours.

Thanks for your help...

Update Autoresponder - 05:44am Dec 22, 2021 CDT - Hi Emanuele,

Just tested but same result. It doesn't seem to recognise the line breaks. I may be wrong but it almost seems when posting via http to the api the http protocol is stripping out the line breaks in the xml...

Update Autoresponder - 05:22am Dec 22, 2021 CDT - Hi

Have attached a sample xml file for reference.

Thanks again.


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