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License problems - 06:33pm Sep 1, 2021 CDT -

No MDaemon will not start without being able to validate a license file.

If you've corrected the date/time on the machine, then the invalid timestamp error should not be getting returned any more.  If it is, delete the license directory and restart MDaemon.  It will force MDaemon to check with our servers again.  If you still get an invalid time stamp error, double check the date/time and timezone on the machine to make sure they are accurate.

If the error is different, what error are you getting now?

Please, send me the MDaemon\License directory off list. Please do not post the files to the list as they do contain your registration key.

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On Wed, 1 Sep 2021 17:26:07 -0500, "lists-md-issues@mdaemon.com (Edmund Cramp)" <lists-md-issues@mdaemon.com> wrote:
We lost power when Hurricane Ida blow past - we got it back this afternoon and the when MDaemon restarted it says:

The license server returned an error:
There was a problem processing your request. Please contact customer service. Unable to parse request...


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