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XML API Mailpath - 08:04am May 19, 2022 CDT - Dear Keith,

I've looked at the release notes since, but could not find a fix/feature for the discussed problem.

Is it planned for a minor version of 22 or due you have to postponed it for a later major version?

Best regards,

XML API Mailpath - 09:02am Apr 29, 2021 CDT - Dear Keith Personett,

thank you for your quick answer.

I see the problems around this.

We will be happy if you manage to implement it...

XML API Mailpath - 08:50am May 19, 2022 CDT - Good morning,

in the future, we like to use more the API of MDaemon for user creation and administration and one crucial point for us is to set the maildirectory of the user.

Neither on creation nor on update can we set it.
One thought, as already explained in this forum, is to use the account template...


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