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Bill Owens

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Exchange Migration - 12:02pm Mar 10, 2021 CDT - Email sent

Exchange Migration - 09:26am Mar 10, 2021 CDT - I make it to the part where it wants me to select email addresses and it says. "No Mailboxes in this storage group"

Exchange Migration - 09:25am Mar 10, 2021 CDT - Update: installing an older version of outlook (2013) seems to get me past that error.

Exchange Migration - 08:52am Mar 10, 2021 CDT - when running the command I just used the name of the datastore like Customers and Archives.

The service1 account only shows its own mailbox. But I can do "open other users inbox" and that does work.

Exchange Migration - 08:00pm Mar 9, 2021 CDT - Following up on an email I sent you earlier.

I’m working on doing a mass import test from an exchange 2016 server. (same one as earlier)...


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