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Reminders from shared calendar - 10:27am Aug 25, 2020 CDT - Users having access to shared calendars receive all reminders from such calendars which is a real pain, e.g. secretaries receiving reminders from their colleagues' calendars while their requirement is only to know where those colleagues are at a certain point in time.
Am I really the only one to argue, reminders should definitely be issued to the calendar owners only?

Autoresponder feature request - 03:22am Aug 10, 2020 CDT - v19.5.5 offers the ability to limit autoresponse to once-per-day and per recipient in Accounts- Settings. So, I imagine there already is a monitoring mechanism implemented. It would be elegant to change that parameter to once-per-numberofdays and per recipient where the default of 1 (day) could be changed by the admin.

Autoresponder feature request - 08:52am Aug 18, 2020 CDT - Currently (w/ v19.5.5), Autoresponder can be configured to autorespond only once a day per sender.
It would really be appreciated to configure autoresponse once per sender for the defined period, similarly to what the competitor Exchange does.
Furthermore, being able to define a different message for internal and external senders would be a plus


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