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Paul Leischow

Which Alt-N products do you use?

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LetsEncrypt and Multiple Domains - 09:29pm Apr 24, 2021 CDT - Thank you for all the info, it worked perfect !!

LetsEncrypt and Multiple Domains - 08:36am Apr 24, 2021 CDT - I assume if your dns records have a cname of autodiscover.domain.com and autoconfig.domain.com these would also have to be added to alt hostnames list?

LetsEncrypt and Multiple Domains - 08:55am Apr 25, 2021 CDT - MDaemon help files show how to use LetsEncrypt but don't talk about how to use it if you are hosting multiple main domains.
What do you do if you have something like...

Also what happens if you have a LetsEncrypt certificate created and then need to add another domain but the current certificate doesn't expire for another 2 months?

DPI Aware Request - 09:35am Mar 24, 2021 CDT - Can you please add DPI Awareness to Outlook Connector and MDaemon Instant Messenger? With a 4K monitor and 175% scaling, Instant Messenger is barely unusable as the input field at the bottom is to small to read the text you are entering. Various screens look very unprofessional when images do not fit properly.

Unable to configure ActiveSync/Exchange account on Outlook 2019 - 11:34am Apr 26, 2020 CDT - --
Using MDaemons built in Web Server.
https://mydomain/autodiscover/autodiscover.xml gives me...
MDaemon Messaging Server
MDaemon Messaging Server Version : 19.5.5
AutoDiscovery Services Build :
UpTime: 0 days 13 hours 19 minutes 2 seconds
and https://mydomain.com/mddp gives me...
<MDaemon xmlns="http://altn.com/Schema/MDaemon.xsd" version="19.5">
<MDDP xmlns="http://altn.com/Schema/MDaemon/MDDP.xsd" version="">


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