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CALDAV Configuration - URL from Outlook fails - 05:16pm Aug 19, 2019 CDT -


Please see the release note entry below from when support was added for this feature in MD 17.

  • [15529] Added support for Outlook 2007 and latter's "Publish you calendar on a WebDAV server" feature.  Only the "Limited details" and "Full details" options are supported, as WorldClient does not support events without a subject.  The URL must be the CalDAV path of a existing WorldClient calendar.  The CalDAV path for a folder can be found from the "Share Folder" dialog for the calendar in WorldClient.  The calendar's CalDAV path is its "private iCalendar feed URL" before "calendar.ics", i.e. https://company.test:3000/webdav/calendars/company.test/user1/.  Please note that any existing events in the WorldClient calendar will not be deleted, however these will not be visible in Outlook.
On 8/19/2019 11:57 AM, Dave Riba (lists-md-worldclient-issues@mdaemon.com) wrote:
Trying to get CALDAV to work and the URL fails, but the information is fuzzy as to what is failing.

From Windows Outlook 2016 I am trying to push a Calendar using Publish Calendar to Custom Server

The URL looks like:
http://IP Address Here:Port Here/webdav/calendar/MyCalendar?user=myemailaddress

The error message I receive is:
The upload of MyCalendar failed...


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