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need help with ssl errors for outbound emails - 02:20pm Apr 30, 2019 CDT - This is happening for all settings trying to connect using STARTTLS, correct? YES but only for OUTBOUND emails, i have no problem in receiving.

Was the new certificate selected and services restarted in the SSL&TLS menu?..

need help with ssl errors for outbound emails - 03:58pm May 2, 2019 CDT - Hi all

I need help with a strange problem affecting a MDaemon 18.5.3 installation on recently upgraded Windows Server 2012 R2 virtual machine.

Everything worked fine until, some days ago, in the weekend, I installed a Root CA in my Windows Domain, precisley where it's installed MDaemon.

From that time, every email going out it's stopped by Amazon AWS's relay server (which we use to send emails) stating multiple causes...

WorldClient 18.5.3 on IIS 7.5 - 04:15pm Apr 8, 2019 CDT - I managed to solve it, I had had my users mail folder in another drive, I forgot to assign Full Control rights to IUSR and Network Service for that folder. Thanks

WorldClient 18.5.3 on IIS 7.5 - 04:15pm Apr 8, 2019 CDT - Hi

Im getting problems on running WorldClient 18.5.3 on IIS 7.5 and Windows Server 2008 R2 64bit.

I followed many KBs but I end up always with the same result: webpage is displaying correctly, I can log in but the folders are messed up, I can't delete, move or create folders, I can send emails but then I can't delete them.

Also, active sync seems to be working, i can connect using Outlook but when I try to delete or move emails, it hangs up stucked...

dmarc rejected email problem - 11:31am Mar 20, 2019 CDT - same result with think this is a bug


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