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Daniel Krauth

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xml API UTF8 German Letter - 02:03am Apr 27, 2021 CDT - Hi Keth,
many Thanks.

xml API UTF8 German Letter - 02:35am Apr 26, 2021 CDT - Hi Keith,
thanks for reply.
This is the request.
<Request encoding="utf-8" version="" echo="Yes" verbose="No" >
                            <Item path="PUBLIC/intern.xyz.de/Kontakte" action="put" type="contact" cid="29511503-9262-4728-8020-4b5d80f11bb4">
                                <DisplayName>S Grö</DisplayName>
If i change the lastname it works...

xml API UTF8 German Letter - 08:15am Apr 28, 2021 CDT - I am trying to add contacts to an address book and have problems with umlauts. Is this a bug in the version?

Regards Daniel


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