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Nine with ActiveSync for Android (public or shared calendars) - 07:29am Jun 5, 2018 CDT -

I’ve posted a response to your post on the MD-Support list.  I’ve included the response below for your convenience.


MDaemon’s shared and public folders are available via ActiveSync but it requires your ActiveSync key to have valid upgrade protection when the features were added.  First lets check to see if the options are enabled.  In MDaemon go to Setup / Mobile Device Management / Client Settings / Global, select edit.  Are the boxes for include public folder hierarchy and include shared folders checked?


If the boxes are not checked, check then and then do a new folder sync.  The folder lists will not be updated on the device until it does a folder sync. 


If the boxes are greyed out, go to Help / Register your MDaemon Software / ActiveSync, what does it say in the Registration Status field? 


Please do not post your key to the list.  If you are unsure and you would prefer that we checked your key, you can either contact our customer service team, or send the key to me in a private email.


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I use Nine (9Folders Inc) with ActiveSync for Android.
In the app I can switch between the following settings

E-mail, calendar, contacts, list of tasks and notes

Only I do not see any public or shared calendars?

Can I sync this only through CalDAV?..


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