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Gianni Ricca

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MDaemon Web Services and redirect of FQDN - 10:18am Sep 12, 2019 CDT - Does the MDaemon Web Services have the ability to redirect FQDN to another FQDN?
For example, I have only 1 domain with SSL certificate:

If I digit
https://webmail.xyz.com (not SSL certififed)
https://webmail.uvw.com (not SSL certified)
they will be redirected or rewritten to

Thank you

Thank you

Suggestion: integrate AutoConfig for Thunderbird in MDaemon - 08:58am Aug 20, 2019 CDT - Hello, I suggest to integrate into MDaemon Worldclient folder the XML file necessary to Auto Config Mozilla Thunderbird:
it can be configured through a menu in MDaemon or read automatically parameter based on input email address.

For example, another Mail Server have done it:

Thank you


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