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Prevent account mail forwarding outside the domain (per domain) - 09:35am Feb 14, 2022 CDT - Hi

I've seen that is possible to prevent forwarding outside the domain in the general settings but this apply to all the domains. Is there any way to setup this feature per domain?

I mean, domain1.com should be not able to forward outside but domain2 com could do...

Any chance to have two (or more) letsencrypt certs? - 12:19pm Oct 4, 2021 CDT - Thanks, I've tweaked the letsencrypt.ps1 script and works fine.


Any chance to have two (or more) letsencrypt certs? - 12:19pm Oct 4, 2021 CDT - Hi

I have two domains (example1.com as primary and example2.com as secondary), I've created a cert with the letsencrypt and works fine.

When I navigate to mail.example2.com and ask for the cert properties (in the web browser) in the alias appears mail.example1.com and mail.example2.com

Is there any way (may be two different certs?) to assing individual letsencrypt certs so every domain identifies as itself instead all of the domains hosted in the server (and configured as alias)?

MD20+Activesync+Outlook, shared calendars? - 08:31am Sep 29, 2020 CDT - Solved, founded that option inside client settings under ActiveSync, don't know why it was unchecked.

MD20+Activesync+Outlook, shared calendars? - 09:28am Sep 28, 2020 CDT - No way to use shared calendars in Outlook

According to the specifications with Activesync we can use shared calendars in Outlook >=2013 (http://static.altn.com/Collateral/Datasheets/US_MDaemon-Mail-Server_Mail-Client-Options_Comparison-Guide.pdf) but I can't figure how to do it.

I can share calendars and all works fine in the webmail side, but Outlook (with activesync account configured) only shows the users calendars, is there any trick to do this?


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