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Which Alt-N products do you use?

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Strange behavior - 07:45am Apr 22, 2021 CDT - Hello, do you have an idea why a bunch of email has been moved from the Inbox folder to the Deleted folder without Subjec, sender e receiver information in them as shown in the attachement? They arrived correctly (as I can see in Mailstore) but then they have been moved. The customer told me he didnt delete them...

Routing Tab empty - 01:12am Apr 11, 2021 CDT - Attached a zip file with all screenshots. Thanks

Receiving alerts via email - 12:52am Apr 10, 2021 CDT - To tell you the truth I don't know exactly which counters I need. I'd need a way to check if the logs report some severe error and to receive a warning message.
For example: few days ago a customer called me because all their email accounts weren't receiving any email...

Routing Tab empty - 06:25am Apr 9, 2021 CDT - Hi,

What is the specific version of MDaemon you are using? Your definition and my definition of the latest may not be the same.

Version 21.0.1 but I already had this problem with previous versions...

Routing Tab empty - 01:52pm Apr 15, 2021 CDT - Hi, latest mdaemon version. Any idea why the Routing Tab is not showing anything? Thanks


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