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Imap folders subscription mechanism - 08:39am Nov 9, 2020 CDT - HI,
could you please explain me briefly how the subscription to imap folders work?

I thought the subscriptions setting could be different for each client used to access the Imap account and stored locally on the client itself and not a unique setting stored on the Mdaemon server.

This is because I noted that if I subscribe/unsubscribe a folder from, let's say, Outlook, the setting is riflected to Worldclient folders too...

Outlook appointment category colors - 01:10am Sep 5, 2020 CDT - A solution of problem #1 (using Outlook category colors in calendar associated to an IMAP account) is to create a local pst file just for the calendar than needs to be sync with worldclient. Obiouvsly this workaround is not valid for the IMAP emails. I will try Outlook Connector to see if it helps.

Problem with calendar in mobile theme - 08:22am Sep 4, 2020 CDT - Hi, will the problem of the calendar always in english in mobile theme be fixed in next release ? In version 20 is still there.


Outlook appointment category colors - 01:10am Sep 5, 2020 CDT - Hi,
1) running Mdaemon 20 and Outlook 2019 with IMAP accounts and syncronising calendar appointments using CalDev. From Worldclient it is possible to select the (domain) category color of an appointment but not from Outlook. It seems that Outlook doesnt allow to use category colors with IMAP accounts...

Problem with calendar in mobile theme - 10:18am Apr 3, 2020 CDT - Hi, I've just updated to the latest version but the error is still there.


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