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Luca Rasca

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Rìght tabs pane empty - 07:43am May 18, 2018 CDT - Hi, thanks for the detailed answer. I don't know when the issue started and what I changed. I run it on Windows server 2008 R2...

Rìght tabs pane empty - 10:13am May 18, 2018 CDT - Hi, any idea why the right tabs pane stop showing info and now are emtpy ?Only Statistics, All sessions, Wordclient tabs show info. Mdameon ver.17.0.3


Failed to detect macro virus - 10:04am Nov 29, 2017 CDT - Hello, I run the latest version of both mdaemon and SecurityPlus plugin but today SecurityPlus failed to detect a macro virus inside a xls attachment while VirusTotal did it. Why ?

(attached VirusTotal report)



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