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Mdeamon transfer to new Server - 08:27am Aug 16, 2018 CDT - Great i have those as well but i was thinking about to automate the process
Thanks again. You are great.

Mdeamon transfer to new Server - 08:10am Aug 16, 2018 CDT - you might have robocopy script that will mirror and monitor for the changes and will run itself to synch changes?

Mdeamon transfer to new Server - 08:04am Aug 16, 2018 CDT - Thank you kindly i'll take a look into your recommendations

Mdeamon transfer to new Server - 08:27am Aug 16, 2018 CDT - Hello it's me again
This time i want to discuss about mdeamon transfer to new server. I got to read papers i know i have to take away service i have deactivate mdeamon along with security and then to copy entire Mdeamon structure to new server to the identical location. My problem is that following those steps the downtime of the mail server will be too long as we gave around 300Gb on user folder...

outlook 2007 doesn't receive emails after mail server recovery from backup - 02:58am Aug 16, 2018 CDT - Sorry for the delay, i have found the problem.
The problem were three files within user folders those i had to delete before restoring emails to original place from backup so this speed up a process a bit as outlook needs to be only restarted . Those files are Messages.MKR Imap.MKR and Hitwater.MKR


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