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J-M Roth

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Upgrade to 17.5.0 was a disaster - 02:35pm Oct 21, 2017 CDT - One should add that the instabilities that we encountered may or may not be fixed in the next release (under investigation).
However the data leakage issue has apparently been clearly identified and fixed.
Once we were in contact with Arron, things started moving.

Upgrade to 17.5.0 was a disaster - 10:41am Oct 19, 2017 CDT - Hi,

Email Client is TB 45

Are you using Activesync or Outlook Connector? --) none of these

What information were they able to see, what is the users email? --) We are aware of one user who was able to see the contents of another user's "Sent" folder, while his own Inbox was unavailable somehow...

Upgrade to 17.5.0 was a disaster - 10:10am Oct 23, 2017 CDT - I'm not sure how many of you guys have already upgraded. We tried to go from v16.5 to v17.5. We were quickly back to v16.5...


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