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Arun Madhav

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Bulk Email Notification - 12:44am Oct 12, 2017 CDT - Hi,

The problem is solved now. I have changed the password of that email in networksolutions as I found, bulk emails were sending from that account. Also, an unrecognized email was added in autoforward section which I removed...

Bulk Email Notification - 12:57am Oct 9, 2017 CDT - Hi

Even after I replaced the cfrules file which you sent, still the same bulk mails are receiving continuously. 2 days nothing came, but from today morning again started.

Please give me an URGENT SOLUTION...

Bulk Email Notification - 12:10am Oct 4, 2017 CDT - Today's Screenshot. AntiVirus is active and still bulk mails receiving in that user's account. Also, Outlook application is hanging due to this bulk reception...

Bulk Email Notification - 09:27am Oct 16, 2017 CDT - I have installed SecurityPlus and Still, I am getting continuous alert email into my inbox. Please help to resolve. Screenshot attached


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