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Matthew Smith

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WorldClient Login Default Domain - 09:30am Jun 16, 2021 CDT - Version: 21.0.2
Theme: Worldclient (unmodified)

domainB.com is in Domains.dat (first entry)

domainB.com is no where in Mdaemon.ini

domainA.com is set as the "default domain" in the Mdaemon GUI.

The users have been added since domainA.com was setup and set as default. They are all set as domainA.com...

WorldClient Login Default Domain - 10:36am Jun 16, 2021 CDT - Our users are seeing a strange problem, some of them can login to WorldClient without the @domain part. Some users are required to use their full email address.

Servers require full email address for authentication is NOT checked...


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