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Regular Expressions. - 04:43am Jan 12, 2018 CDT - ) As an alternative the following regular expression should be pretty close to what you need.

Sorry, but that doesn't work with all russian chars.

Well, Arron, I see it's a bit difficult to use for now...

Regular Expressions. - 12:37pm Jan 9, 2018 CDT - Arron I have no messages near at hand. Actually we don't need them. I'm stuck just athe very first step...

SSL/TLS encryption. - 11:34am Jan 9, 2018 CDT - Thanks Arron!
As soon as we use Microsoft Windows 2012r2, is it considered more Microsoft problem?
I mean isn't it a bit strange not to block those algorithms yet with another cumulative updates?

Regular Expressions. - 09:42am Jan 5, 2018 CDT - Hello.
I can't it a bit confidential.
Listen, I just try to catch a word from a sentence within mdaemon regex test window in content filter...

SSL/TLS encryption. - 08:21am Jan 10, 2018 CDT - Hi guys!
Recently we have obtained an SSL certificate from Let's Encrypt and set it up with your amazingly easy to use powershell script

Last few days I've found an online service to check an SSL server security.

That service

tells my server has some vulnerabilities:
POODLE (SSLv3 considered insecure)
RC4 (considered insecure)



Does it mean I have any security risk because of using Let's Encrypt or is it more associated with Mdaemon itself?


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