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Can I add a SpamAssassin plugin like DCC? - 06:04pm Feb 16, 2017 CDT - Hi,

Can I add a SpamAssassin plugin like DCC?
If not, it is possible disable MDaemon MDSpamd and configure Windows SpamAssassin to work together at MDaemon?

Delivery - 05:51am Oct 28, 2016 CDT - Hi Leigh,
ok, everything works perfectly
Thank you so much

Delivery - 04:46pm Oct 25, 2016 CDT - hi Leigh,
ok, we configure the gateway and use Gmail as you did.
"To set-up a Gateway, you click on the Setup | Gateway Manager, and click the" New gateway "button. Name it the same name as the domain you want to send to and click OK."

What name should I put to the gateway?..

Delivery - 12:01pm Oct 23, 2016 CDT - I am a technical systems analyst with 20 installations assets and about 10 years of experience with MDaemon.
It seems to me that the first installation I did when MDaemon version was 5.0.
I consider MDaemon the best mail server...

Smart Host based on destination domains? - 05:16am Oct 22, 2016 CDT - Dave Warren can help me?


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