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Icalendar reminders on shared calendars - 02:22pm Jun 20, 2017 CDT - Hi,

This might be a icalendar problem but i wanted to see if there was anything that can fix the calendar notification. I have a user that sees other shared calendars, except he get the notification that they are about to happen. Is there a way to not have that notification unless it is the users appointments and not the shared users appointments?


Calendar Invitation Iphone - 07:08pm Jun 12, 2017 CDT - Yes when a calendar request from the sender is synced to the iphone (receiver) and if you try to decline or accept calendar that error will pop up.

Calendar Invitation Iphone - 07:08am Jun 14, 2017 CDT - Has anyone had the Your response to the invitation cannot be sent message?

IMAP on Ipphone - 03:43pm Jun 13, 2017 CDT - Hi,

I have something peculiar happening. For some reason it only occurs on the IPhone. When you do a search on in the mail app it brings up other peoples email box in the search...


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