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Unable to remove ClamAV exclusions - 06:52am Sep 11, 2018 CDT - Well, I guess, it makes sense... now.
It seems that SecurityPlus and CAV plugin share the exclusions, sort of...

Unable to remove ClamAV exclusions - 04:16pm Sep 10, 2018 CDT - Hello Tyler
Current MDaemon, v18.0.2.
Yes, I tried disabling/re-enabling CAV plugin, but here it is again:
Mon 2018-09-10 22:45:52.027: ----------
Mon 2018-09-10 23:06:10.651: * CAV plugin is reloading...
Mon 2018-09-10 23:06:10.651: * CAV plugin disabled in Plugins.dat...

Recall function / Message-ID header - 03:27am Jul 11, 2018 CDT - Hello everyone

Few months ago I tried to implement Recall function in my environment, but encountered a problem and more or less gave up. Recently I had new requests to enable it, so...
My company is using MS Outlook (2013/16) as email client and I could not make primary recall method for us (recall message with sent original forwarded as attachment to mdaemon@ account, with “recall“ in the subject) work with it...

Error or timeout during inline virus scan - 04:44am Mar 23, 2018 CDT - Hi Tyler

- No, I cannot replicate the issue
- As I'm not able to replicate it and cannot know which client will be affected, I haven't tried (system-wide) disabling SEP approach. That could potentially be a long wait and machines would essentially be unprotected, with users active.
I did try uninstalling SEP on the couple of machines and using Windows Defender as a substitute...

New SecurityPlus engine - 08:17am Nov 1, 2017 CDT - Hello all

Noticed this morning new SecurityPlus 5.5 has been released. I tried to get more information about AV engine switch from Kaspersky to Cyren, but “Replaced Kaspersky Antivirus engine with Cyren Antivirus 5.4“ in release notes is pretty much everything I was able to find. I was wondering if someone from Alt-N could give us little bit more info about this...


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