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Aleksandar Devecerski

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Win.Exploit.CVE_2019_0903-6966169-0 - 12:05pm May 27, 2019 CDT - ClamAV definitions updated, just tried sending couple of previously
quarantined messages, issue seems to be corrected

Thank you Robert

On 27.05.2019. 18:25, Robert Wilson (Robert.Wilson@mdaemon.com) wrote:
> For all user that are having the issue with the Win.Exploit.CVE_2019_0903-6966169-0.
> The issue is with a virus definition update for ClamAV, they have since fixed the issue...

Connector account frozen after IMAP port change - 03:57am Mar 21, 2019 CDT - As it turnes out patience is the key.
It took some 15 minutes to get to list of email accounts and then another 15 minutes to open connector properties. Reverted to old port setting and everything started functioning properly...

Connector account frozen after IMAP port change - 03:57am Mar 21, 2019 CDT - Hi all

I'm testing Mdaemon Connector in our environment, it is active for only
1 test account. Today I've changed IMAP port from 143 to 993 and test
Outlook has been frozen since. Port setting has been returned on the
MDaemon server itself, but client Outlook does not respond to anything...

Let's Encrypt implementation - 09:56am Mar 14, 2019 CDT - I will do as you recommended, this is why I asked in the first place .

Thank you very much Arron.

Restore from config backup - 01:10pm Mar 12, 2019 CDT - Hi Arron, thanks for the tip
I was able to transfer (most of the) settings to the new server, but had to do exactly the opposite. First install, then copy old config files over the default ones and after that edit folder/IP address in them.
When I first tried the way you suggested installation just overwrote my settings...


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