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Matthew Ogden

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SPF and SRS: Sender Rewriting Scheme - 09:45pm Mar 16, 2016 CDT - Hi

Wont that just mean the from address will be set to the local address.

So if outside user (jill@outsider.com) sends to John@domain.com, and
thats an alias for John@anotherdomain.com, then then when the email
arrives in John@anotherdomain.com, it will show as though its from
John@domain.com instead of jill@outsider.com?

Jay Tolbert wrote:
> I don't know if it's an SRS implementation but does Security -> Security
> Settings, Sender Authentication -> SPF Verification, check "Use local
> address in SMTP envelope when formwarding messages" work for you?..

SPF and SRS: Sender Rewriting Scheme - 09:40pm Sep 30, 2016 CDT - http://www.openspf.org/SRS

Is there a away to implement this in MDaemon?

As the uptake of SPF is more prominent, forwarding of mail is becoming
pretty difficult in MDaemon

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