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Andrey Zarva

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E-mail support@exapmle.com don't worked - 10:03am Jun 30, 2020 CDT - Hello!

If i'm trying to configure e-mail support@example.com in Outlook Connector, then i get error about availiability mail-server. If delete or add one simbol (suppor@example.com or support1@example.com), then other error aboue password (because there is no such address)...

Problem with filter Add - 05:05am Nov 11, 2019 CDT - Jonathan, this problem with all messages and with all mail-boxe's.

Problem with filter Add - 12:44am Nov 8, 2019 CDT - globals.min.js?v=19.5.0:32 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'replace' of undefined
    at decodeHTML (globals.min.js?v=19.5.0:32)
    at unencodeJSON (globals.min.js?v=19.5.0:33)
    at j.populateEditorFields (filter_edit_controller_mini.js?v=19.5.0:11)
    at k.populateEditorFields (filter_edit_controller_mini.js?v=19.5.0:12)
    at k.addFilter (filter_edit_controller_mini.js?v=19.5.0:13)
    at new k (filter_edit_controller_mini.js?v=19.5.0:13)
    at Object.h.getNewFilterEditorController (filter_edit_controller_mini.js?v=19.5.0:13)
    at Object.initControl (WorldClient.dll?Session=JK8XALA9OFXWT&View=BlankMessage&External=Yes&Number=67700&FolderId=0:1073)
    at Object.toggleAddFilter (WorldClient.dll?Session=JK8XALA9OFXWT&View=BlankMessage&External=Yes&Number=67700&FolderId=0:1082)
    at HTMLLIElement.onclick (WorldClient.dll?Session=JK8XALA9OFXWT&View=BlankMessage&External=Yes&Number=67700&FolderId=0:96)
decodeHTML @ globals.min.js?v=19.5.0:32
unencodeJSON @ globals.min.js?v=19.5.0:33
populateEditorFields @ filter_edit_controller_mini.js?v=19.5.0:11
populateEditorFields @ filter_edit_controller_mini.js?v=19.5.0:12
addFilter @ filter_edit_controller_mini.js?v=19.5.0:13
k @ filter_edit_controller_mini.js?v=19.5.0:13
h.getNewFilterEditorController @ filter_edit_controller_mini.js?v=19.5.0:13
initControl @ WorldClient.dll?Session=JK8XALA9OFXWT&View=BlankMessage&External=Yes&Number=67700&FolderId=0:1073
toggleAddFilter @ WorldClient.dll?Session=JK8XALA9OFXWT&View=BlankMessage&External=Yes&Number=67700&FolderId=0:1082
onclick @ WorldClient.dll?Session=JK8XALA9OFXWT&View=BlankMessage&External=Yes&Number=67700&FolderId=0:96

Problem with filter Add - 01:48am Nov 5, 2019 CDT - Hi Jonathan.
In WC theme this button working.
My browsers:
Chrome 78.0.3904.70 64 bit
Chrome 78.0.3904.87 64 bit

Problem with filter Add - 10:02am Nov 11, 2019 CDT - Hello.
Mdaemon Server v19.5.0 x32 Russian
I'm go to WorldClient, open the e-mail in new window, and push to Menu-Add filter... But there is no reaction, the button does not work.This was also the case in the previous version Mdaemon...


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