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Andrey Zarva

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Encoding problem in Manager query statistic - 08:48am Jun 10, 2019 CDT - Hello!

MD v19.0.1 x32 Russian

Old problem with encoding in Subject column on Cyrillic letters.
With english letters in Subject Column no problem...

Problem with unfrozen account by reply to message - 08:24am Jun 6, 2019 CDT - I did it.

Problem with unfrozen account by reply to message - 03:56am May 27, 2019 CDT - I will add: If to create new e-mail and to manually write the recipient's address: system@D..........a.com, then all the same comes a mistake about delivery to the address system @@......... a.com

Problem with unfrozen account by reply to message - 10:32am Jun 6, 2019 CDT - It began for a long time, any more I do not remember from what version of MDaemon.

If user account frozed by Dynamic Screening (It is a lot of password errors), than Administrator recieved e-mail about this. It is possible to defreeze the account having replyed to this message...

Contacts from the address book are not tightened in Outlook 2016 - 11:23am May 31, 2019 CDT - Mdaemon v19.0.0.1 x32 Russian
MC v6.0.1 x32
Office 2016 x32

1. Open e-mail from local sender.


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