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Email with two from address - 10:38am Nov 12, 2018 CDT - Hi,

there is a possibility to stop the email with 2 or more From address?
We now receive a lot of email : the first address is from @gmail.xxx and the second from @mydomain , the To: at @innocent , and the email go to the @innocent!
How I can stop this?..

Hiwater.mrk : IMAPsybscribed section , how to clean the Ended users? - 12:34am Jul 11, 2018 CDT - Hello,

yes , the reason is : some time the outlook connector don't work with a
segnalation of interface error.
After remove the non esistent subscription all return normal

On 11/07/2018 00:54, Jared Charles wrote:
> Hello Adriano,
> MDaemon does not remove old shared folders from the “Hiwater.mrk”
> file, since it would be a violation of RFC 3501 section 6.3.6:
> *A server MAY validate the mailbox argument to SUBSCRIBE to verify*
> *that it exists.  However, it MUST NOT unilaterally remove an*
> *existing mailbox name from the subscription list even if a mailbox*
> *by that name no longer exists.*
> Is there a particular reason why you are needing to clear the those
> ”IMAP-Device-IP” entries from the “Hiwater.mrk” files?
> Regards,
> --
> Jared Charles
> Technical Application Support
> *MDaemon Technologies | *Simple Secure Email
> U.S...

Hiwater.mrk : IMAPsybscribed section , how to clean the Ended users? - 11:13am Jul 11, 2018 CDT - Hi All,

there is a utility/flag/ecc for to clean the Hiwater.Mrk ?
There are a lot of OLD Shared Folders of ended Users
A long list of IMAP-Device-IPs , ecc ...

Tthere a way to clean the from email address? - 02:40pm Apr 18, 2018 CDT - Hi,

There is a possibility to clean the fake Sender's Name?
From "Fake Sender's Name" mailbox@example.com) to (mailbox@example.com)

Page Not Found after WordClient Logon , Options , Advanced Settings - 10:50am May 23, 2019 CDT - Hi All,
We obtain Page Not Found when try to view the Email Advanced Settings.
Try language Italian and English , different browser , theme Lookout
The Url after click Advanced Settings which appear on browser is https://mail.tesisquare.com/login.wdm , and the login.wdm exist on e:/mdaemon/webadmin/templates
No IIS , only the built-in web server
Where is my error?


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