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Tthere a way to clean the from email address? - 02:40pm Apr 18, 2018 CDT - Hi,

There is a possibility to clean the fake Sender's Name?
From "Fake Sender's Name" mailbox@example.com) to (mailbox@example.com)

Page Not Found after WordClient Logon , Options , Advanced Settings - 10:14pm May 4, 2018 CDT - Hi All,
We obtain Page Not Found when try to view the Email Advanced Settings.
Try language Italian and English , different browser , theme Lookout
The Url after click Advanced Settings which appear on browser is https://mail.tesisquare.com/login.wdm , and the login.wdm exist on e:/mdaemon/webadmin/templates
No IIS , only the built-in web server
Where is my error?

Tthere a way to clean the from email address? - 09:39am Apr 24, 2018 CDT - Hi,

from BankOfAmerica hacker@hacker.com
to hacker@hacker.com
from CEO of your Firm spamming@spam.com
to spamming@spam.com

On the little screen of their phones they see only the beginning of the address and open the fake message , ecc ...

Content Rules?

I have try the feature which duplicate the email at the beginning of address , but the users aren't happy...

MD freeze time to time - 05:23am Apr 10, 2018 CDT - Hello Davis,

sorry for the long delay ...
2 Months ago we have upgraded ESX 6.5 to last version , but the freeze survive
Upgraded to 17.5.2 , 17.5.3 , but the freeze survive
Upgraded Security Plus 5.5.1 , but the freeze survive
Finally , 2 days ago we have upgraded the firmware of the Ibm SANs , but the freeze survive!

Now we have try to obtain other info ...

Calendar Not Synchronized on IOS - 10:14pm May 4, 2018 CDT - Hi,

au user tell me which some appointment don't appear on Calendar on Iphone. I have try the user account on my Samsung and some appointment don't appear , but appear more appointment then the Ios device.
There are some lines on AirSync.log with error "Modifications timestamp not found" of Calendar.wrk ,and other with "Collection Status : (5) : Server Error"...


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