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Chris Clark

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Dynamic Screening - no DYNAMICSCREENUPD.SEM - 12:10pm Oct 18, 2017 CDT - If I get an email with a high spam score or a positive from ClamAV I use the Content Filter to create a DYNAMICSCREENUPD.SEM file with the senders IP address to blacklist it for 20 minutes.
This semaphore file is no longer supported in the 17.5.0
Can you please add this back in the next release or, better still, make a Content Filter action to add a senders IP address to Dynamic Screening?

Customised DSN reports - 10:08am Jul 14, 2016 CDT - Dave,

I've just tested this with MDaemon 16.0.4 and it didn't work.

The DSN I received looks very similar to the ones that Microsoft Exchange generates but it's definitely coming from MDaemon. I've copied and pasted the first part of it into the attached TXT file...

Customised DSN reports - 08:32am Jul 18, 2016 CDT - Does the latest version of MDaemon still allow you to customise the Permanent and Transient DSN messages?
If so, how is this done please?


Can I add a SpamAssassin plugin? - 10:54am May 7, 2016 CDT - Hi,

The SpamAssassin website shows some plugins not included with MDaemon that I would like to try but so far I've been unable to get any working.
I was trying to add the ClamAV module. I got the ClamAV scanner working on Port 3310, I put the supplied ClamAV.cf file in SpamAssasin/rules and the ClamAV.pm file in SpamAssassin/etc but when I restart the spam filter I get the error message:-
[352] warn: plugin: failed to create instance of plugin ClamAV: Can't locate object method "new" via package "ClamAV" (perhaps you forgot to load "ClamAV"?) at (eval 1348) line 1...

Is there a limit to the number of REGEX lines in a file? - 10:40am May 7, 2016 CDT - Leigh,

I've been trying to find examples of the Content Filter rule not working but I haven't so far so I might have been imagining it.
It would be handy to know if there is a limit to the number of separate lines in a file referenced by a content filter rule.



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