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Jean Gaudreau

Which Alt-N products do you use?

Outlook Connector

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Calendar Invite Responses - 08:43am Sep 7, 2016 CDT - It's happening to me also.

I'm having the same issue, when the recipient is accepting the invite from an iPhone.

I think I found why it's doing this...

Unable to add Activesync account from android - 01:48pm May 6, 2016 CDT - You are right, I see the remote IPs are not coming from the usual range I know...

Unable to add Activesync account from android - 01:43pm May 6, 2016 CDT - I just used the builtin mail client in Android and it just went through...

I don't know what to think...


Unable to add Activesync account from android - 08:19am May 10, 2016 CDT - Unable to add one user with Activesync.
I use the Microsoft Outlook client for Android

I get this error:
Login Error
The connection to your mail server timed out. Please check your mail settings...

DMARC Hotmail ?! - 08:48am Mar 8, 2016 CDT - Yes I have configured SPF.

Ok, it seems that I forgot some users to use our mail server as for the outgoing server.. they were using the ISP smtp server...


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