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2 domain accounts on my MDaemon & users are receiving duplicated emails - 01:18pm Mar 7, 2015 CDT - Hello,
I had configure 2 domain accounts on my MDaemon, and under DomainPOP ) Parsing, I had checked Detect duplicate message using this header (Message-ID) and select Stop Parsing if received yields a local address, and I had deleted all entries under "Parse these headers for email addresses" , but I am still receiving duplicated emails which is annoying
What do you suggest that I can do in order to fix this issue?
Thank you

Can't receive email from external domain - 05:44am Jan 12, 2015 CDT - Solved,
seems a problem with my firewall

rules for non-existing accounts - 09:04am Jan 12, 2015 CDT - Hello,
I had this issue if you can help me with this:
lets suppose I had this domain xxxx.com, on the host I had only this email info@xxxx.com and web@xxxx.com but on my MDaemon I had created other accounts
If I go to MDaemon & I had send an email to houssam@xxxx.com it should go to the catch all account , and same if I send to houssam222@xxxx.com it will goes to the catch all account, my question is that, can I had rules in my MDaemon that make rules that can accepts email being sent to houssam@xxxx.com & houssam222@xxxx.com and forward it to the corresponding email clients?

Can't receive email from external domain - 05:44am Jan 12, 2015 CDT - Hello,
I had installed MDaemon, and created an accounts , and it now receive emails from within the domain, and I can send to the external world, but I can't receive emails from external world, can you please help?


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