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Jeff X

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ActiveSync - Attachments not downloading - 09:15am Jan 24, 2022 CDT - What does MDaemon's AirSync log show is happening?

    I don’t see any errors. You are most likely going to have to install the 9Folders client on an Android device and do some internal testing...

ActiveSync - Attachments not downloading - 12:04pm Jan 25, 2022 CDT - FYI - This has been happening across several MDaemon versions including v21.5.1.

Scenario - Using same email client on Android devices. Email format type: MIME...

Are there any Linux email clients that work with MDaemon's Activesync? - 05:11pm Jan 21, 2020 CDT - Are there any Linux desktop email clients that work with the MDaemon's implementation of Activesync?

I tried Evolution but it will not connect when selecting the EWS server type. IMAP and POP works but neither is adequate when you need to sync email, calendars, tasks and notes.


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