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Jacques van der Zwaan

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Outlook Connector can't connect - 01:59am May 20, 2021 CDT - Hello Marlon,

I've created a support request concerning this issue.

Outlook Connector can't connect - 12:19pm Jun 1, 2021 CDT - Hello,

I am experiencing a problem with Outlook Connector 7. When I configure this under mu Outlook (version 2016, x86) and test the account settings/retrieve, I get the message that the connection to the server is successful. But when I start Outlook, I get the message that Outlook can't connect to the server...

Bare line feeds unsupported - 05:36am Feb 17, 2021 CDT - Hello Arron,

Thank you for your reply. Strangely enough, after a week of not receiving e-mail, the mail is being received again. I didn't change a thing...

Bare line feeds unsupported - 03:08am Feb 15, 2021 CDT - I know this is an older post and since the last update it worked, but now the error is back again. When Goodsync is sending us an e-mail, it bounces with the following message:

Your message contains invalid characters (bare line feed characters) which the email servers at *OUR DOMAINNAME* don't support.

This bounce is received by their mail administrator, which uses Office 365...

Bare line feeds unsupported - 04:16am Nov 4, 2020 CDT - Hello Arron,

This week a new update from GoodSync came out, which solved the problem


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