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MX record and TLS - 09:39pm Oct 27, 2014 CDT - hi,
is it default configuration or need some additional setup after installation the software?


for memo, I'm not advance user...

MX record and TLS - 10:50am Oct 28, 2014 CDT - Hi there,

our partner require said that they require TLS enable on our mail host/gateway, and all email need to send email to them use MX record and TLS encrypted message.

from the beginning, we just simply install the mdaemon, configure IP server and add account. all other settings by default...

help - email send out repeatly - 09:14pm Oct 5, 2014 CDT - hi there. solved already. sorry for late update...

help - email send out repeatly - 02:37am Sep 30, 2014 CDT - Hi, After I checked,

there are 4 entries which said successful for that recipient, even though the sender only sent once. therefore the recipient got 4 same messages.

And, is it normal if there is a case like this:
sender@mydomain.com sent 1 email to 2 recipients on @domain_a.com and 2 recipients on @mydomain.com (total 4 recipients), at one time...

help - email send out repeatly - 07:57pm Sep 25, 2014 CDT - Hi Jay,
thank you for your response.
what part of log you need? thank you.


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