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Rolf Herbert

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Removed attachments - permissions on network folder - 09:10am Jan 6, 2017 CDT - Hi there,

What permissions are required on a shared network folder to receive the removed attachments from emails?

I have told the content filter to move removed attachments to,


This folder is accessible from the email server but Mdaemon does not manage to save any attachments there..it says it has stripped them, sends the appropriate message but does not actually save the removed attachment. It disappears...

Auto whitelist from whitelist@ where is the whitelist..? How do I check it - 11:39am Oct 11, 2016 CDT - Hi all,

I tested the auto whitelist by forwarding an email as an attachment to whitelist@..

I got no response back to say if it had worked or not and for the life of me I cant find where to check the whitelist. It appears that it adds it to an account specific whitelist but where is it!..


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