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Luca Rasca

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530 5.7.0 Authentication required to send mail from 1xx.xxx.xxx.xxx - 05:52am Apr 19, 2016 CDT - Hi Ian,
I had the same problem and I checked the option in IP Shield you suggested but the problem persisted. I solved unflagging the option in the SMTP Auth menu: "the sender and the auth email address must be the same." But that solution makes a weakness in our mdaemon in my opinion. I could't also to whitelist a specific IP because the sender has a dynamic one...

Encryption of the flat-file structure - 09:40pm Sep 30, 2016 CDT - Hello,

Mdaemon stores email in a flat-file structure easy to read/alter. For security reason shouldn't Mdaemon apply encryption to stored email texts and file attachments like Mailstore ?



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