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Active Sync - Drafts only per PC? - 09:21pm May 10, 2022 CDT - We have both OC and AS, and I am liking AS more than OC (I always have weird little issues with it personally). Well the one thing I have noticed is that for Drafts it is only on the PC only and is not synced. Is there a settings to allow it or is this a limitation of AS?..

World Client not Working - 11:47am May 8, 2022 CDT - Yea that was it. Server just needed to reboot.

World Client not Working - 12:19pm May 5, 2022 CDT - That is the think I don't think it is a LetsEncrypt issue, it is a World Client Issues. I can not access world client. I have it set to port 81 internally as another program uses 80 for http on same server and it was working fine before and now it is not...

World Client not Working - 01:07pm May 8, 2022 CDT - So not sure what is going on here. Got an email that LetsEncrypt failed for a client. Then I noticed that World Client is not coming up on server so that is why it failed...

Actvie Sync causes Outlook to Freeze - 02:10pm Jul 28, 2021 CDT - So this started pretty much since we install activesync a few months ago. They were just using IMAP before but it wasn't always listing all the emails in the folder.

I cleaned that stuck email...


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