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Chris Villanueva

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How to forward email of user on Auto Responder? - 04:47pm Jan 11, 2018 CDT - A user sets their auto responder on. Incoming emails to that user must be sent to another user of same domain.

Is this possible?..

Modify autoresp.dat directly? - 02:51pm Nov 8, 2017 CDT - Thanks, Dave.
Available APIs? Do you mean like .NET?..

Modify autoresp.dat directly? - 01:52pm Nov 10, 2017 CDT - Hi,

The goal is to avoid opening up the GUI to schedule the autoresponder for the admin account.

Is it ok to modify autoresp.dat directly, for example, via a scripting program? Or, must the GUI always be used?

Setup DMARC - 05:29pm Apr 6, 2019 CDT - This is related to this post: Chris Villanueva, "How to Deploy DKIM & SPF" #, 26 Jul 2016 12:17 pm

Question: To setup DMARC, do I just setup the mdaemon side as explained in that link? i.e. If you create a DKIM selector, Security -) Security Settings, Sender Authentication -) DKIM Signing

Additionally, do I need to setup a TXT record on the DNS management for the mail server hosting the A record, similar to a TXT record setup for SPF?

TLS working? - 10:15pm Sep 27, 2017 CDT - Thank you, Arron, for helping. I'll check those.


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