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When letsencrypt.org ? - 07:59am May 13, 2016 CDT - Hi,
I'm wondering if you are planning to use letsencrypt.org with MDaemon in order to increase Internet security without the warning that appears when we use a Self-signed certificate.

I've block countries in DNS-BL but still attempts from this country. Any Help? - 10:45am Jan 16, 2015 CDT - Hi,
There is a "person" trying to access in a user account constantly.
It seems that "he" knows the username, but "he" still trying again and again.
How can I block this type of connections?..

ACTIVESYNC - User limit exceeded - 09:34am Jan 16, 2015 CDT - Hi,
I had an unlimited ACTIVESYNC license and I've just renew all our MDaemon products.
After that, I'm having an alert "User limit exceeded"

I've checked all devices and users, and in both places, there are less than 50.

I've restarted the server, but the problem still there...

How to block "malicious" countries - 03:05am Jan 16, 2015 CDT - Hi Jay,
Thank you for your help.
The attempts are getting down.

How to block "malicious" countries - 03:05am Jan 16, 2015 CDT - Hello,
We're having numerous SMTP attempts connections from spammers.
Is it possible to block countries like pakistan, russia or china because of the origin of the attacks.
Is there any possibility just to block only the smtp port from "malicious" countries?..


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