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Data export outlook.pst -> Connector - 03:46pm Aug 12, 2019 CDT - Hello

In the following weeks I will be reconfiguring approx 150 existing user
accounts from POP/IMAP to MDaemon Connector.
To test this, I've already converted 5 users, some of them with multiple
I was wondering if there is a way to streamline the process?..

Public Folders, customize view - 02:02am Jun 24, 2019 CDT - Hello David

Tried editing domains.ini, adding TO, haven't noticed any difference
using WorldClient theme (in LookOut theme both columns were there).


On 21.06.2019 21:43, David C wrote:
> Hello,
> You asked:
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> "One thing, 'sent items' subfolders displays Sender column (and it is
> the same sender for all messages, of course), so you have to click on
> each messages to see the recipient. Is there a way to customize folder
> for, let's say WorldClient, to display Recipient column instead of Sender?"
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> In WorldClient one can change the columns that are displayed in the
> message list for all mail folders in by modifying the file
> "/MDaemon/WorldClient/Domains.ini"
> This file contains the following line:
> You can replace "FROM" with "TO" and WorldClient will display the email
> address of the recipient...

Win.Exploit.CVE_2019_0903-6966169-0 - 02:57am May 27, 2019 CDT - Hi Andrey
Did that help?


On 27.05.2019 09:38, Andrey Zarva wrote:
> Same problem after Update MDAEMON to v19.0.1 or coincidence.
> Temporarily switched-off ClamAV (Ctrl+X and bellow...)

Win.Exploit.CVE_2019_0903-6966169-0 - 12:05pm May 27, 2019 CDT - Hello everyone

I'm seeing a dozens of seemingly legitimate messages flagged "Message
scanned by (Cyren AV) (ClamAV) is infected with
Win.Exploit.CVE_2019_0903-6966169-0" quarantined or refused. It started
yesterday about 4 PM (Central European Time), first refused message was
on 16:16.

  * Message scanned by (Cyren AV) (ClamAV) is infected with
  ---- End AntiVirus results
  Message refused because it contains a virus
  --> 550 5.6.0 Sorry, virus detected within message
  <-- QUIT
  --> 221 2.0.0 See ya in cyberspace
  SMTP session terminated (Bytes in/out: 1482377/4825)

Both Cyren and ClamAV are fully updated so my guess would be AV

IMAP - Socket error 590615 - 08:48am May 15, 2019 CDT -

Hello Tyler, thanks for the quick response.
I can email/upload log(s) for closer examination, just advise address/how.

Current "Maximum concurrent IMAP sessions" value is 100...


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