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WorldClient has a Google tracking Web-bug? Huh? - 05:09am Feb 3, 2017 CDT - Yes, and TFA is definitely off.

BTW, having a link to Google Analytics would almost certainly raise a legal issue for EU sites, in that users would have to be notified of the possibility of third-party data gathering, esp the setting of cross-site cookies.

I suppose the EU's concerns over this are slightly paranoid, but then again it's the Law and we shouldn't be put in the position of unknowingly breaking it.

WorldClient has a Google tracking Web-bug? Huh? - 05:17pm Feb 2, 2017 CDT - Thanks.

Really not sure this should be going on though. Especially as it's to a third party.

WorldClient has a Google tracking Web-bug? Huh? - 08:16am Feb 3, 2017 CDT - Took a look at the theme HTML with a view to adding some custom logos, and spotted a call to Google Analytics in the form of a hidden 1px image with a tracking bug attached.

I imagine the devs want to gain some idea of which themes are in use. Still don't think it should be going on though...

Browsers enforcing HTTPS and internal webmail - 04:59pm Feb 2, 2017 CDT - Just wondered if there were any thoughts on the issue of browsers like Chrome and Firefox becoming more and more insistent on the use of HTTPS for all connections, and the impact this will have on inhouse use of WorldClient.

Quite a few sites now use WC as their main if not only email platform. In this case there is no real need for HTTPS because the connection never leaves the office...

Possible to Delete emails containing restricted attachments? - 12:37pm May 6, 2016 CDT - Yes, sending to quarantine would probably be a better arrangement. Although, even if the holding queue is reprocessed it should only result in the same filter rules being applied once more.

That 'Process Bad Queue' button is actually quite dangerous...


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