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Authentication failed, but still sending mail. - 05:20pm Oct 12, 2018 CDT - Hi,

Is seems someone is sending mail out of my name.

Funny thing is tho that the logs clearly shows that the authentications has failed. However the mail still gets send...

Sent items in worldclient are not saved/ - 08:52am Nov 15, 2017 CDT - Hi Altn

I`m currently running 16.5 mdaemon.
One of my customers is having the issue that when he sends mail via worldclient they the messages are not saved in the sent folder. This seems to be the only client who has this problem...

Multiple certificates possible ? - 12:17pm Nov 3, 2017 CDT - Hi Mdaemon

I was wondering if it is possible to install multiple certificates in Mdaemon. Currently I have a SAN for 5 domains ( same domain). But I would like to use a sixth domain ( however thats is not the same domain name)...

Spam is being sent from account, but where does the spam come from (proces) - 11:23am Mar 3, 2017 CDT - My IP is not
There are many Ip`s mailing this email address. Just changed the password again as it looks like it has been edited...

Spam is being sent from account, but where does the spam come from (proces) - 10:35am Mar 3, 2017 CDT - Here`s the log. I was searching in the smtp out box. It seems like the password is know for this user ?..


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