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Refusing messages with empty subject - 08:08am Feb 17, 2022 CDT - Thanks for replying

The 1st option is available on all our clients, but users... simply ignore it totally. As many of us know, unfortunately the average user does not even read the warnings that Windows or programs give them...

Refusing messages with empty subject - 08:10am Feb 17, 2022 CDT - Hello,
Several people in my company have the bad habit to send messages with empty subject.

Currently I'm handling this with a content rule that deletes the message and reports the sender about it, adding a note explaining the issue.

The downside of this method is that the sender is not warned immediately because MDaemon send the note/alert only once it has processed the local queue...

Dropbox token expiration - 09:06am Oct 15, 2020 CDT - A simple question: is it possible to extend the Dropbox token duration?
I don't know if 7 days is a technical insurmountable limit but this a big deterrent for all users here to use the Dropbox integration.

I have several complains from users about the annoyance to renew the token every week...

Email templates don't save subject - 08:14am Feb 19, 2020 CDT - In WorldClient you can save email templates and the composing window gives you the Title and Description fields. But non of them are used as SUBJECT of the email, so every single time you use the template you have to write the subject.

Unless I'm missing something this is a very annoying limitation...

How to sync contacts with Mozilla Thunderbird and Google - 10:19am Jan 23, 2020 CDT - I'm using MDaemon 16, Mozilla Thunderbird 68.4 and Google Contacts
I set up Thunderbird to sync the address book with Google using gContactSync (and it's working very well)
What it's missing here is sync between Thunderbird OR Google AND MDaemon and I couldn't find a way to do this.

I'm aware that MDaemon 16 can use CarDAV to sync contacts and it can do it with Thunderbird using SOGo or CardBook estensions (KB: https://bit.ly/35VmbNX and https://bit.ly/36ZrmOf)

The problem is that none of the two allow to sync both MD, Thunderbird and Google. And both SOGo and CardBook have bugs or disadvantages...


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