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Can I download the previous version of MD Connector? - 01:01pm Feb 23, 2021 CDT - After I updated to the latest version of MD Connector last week and now I no longer get a copy of any emails that I send on a PC running Windows 7 and Office 2010. I don't see this problems on two PCs running Office 2010 on Windows 10.
Reinstalling the previous version should fix this and help you guess where the problem might be...

A firewall configuration issue - 12:00pm Feb 18, 2021 CDT - I started seeing spam filter and AV updates failing last night, I am just posting this in case anyone else has the same issues.
The problems all started after I updated my pfsense+ firewall to the latest 21.02 version which appears to have removed IPv4 DNS support. I have had MDaemon configured to use the firewall DNS server by setting MDaemon to "Use Windows DNS settings" for years now...

False positive - "infected" but not scanned - 09:23am Feb 4, 2021 CDT - Hi Arron,
I included the headers to show that MDAV couldn't scan the message - password protected messages can't be scanned and I'm fine with that but I think it would be better if the message was quarantined as "not scanned", instead of "infected" because MDAV didn't scan it and find an infection.
Certainly a password protected PDF needs to be stopped these days, but we can't assume that it's dangerous - MDAV does a very good job at detecting viruses, I just see this as a documentation issue and I'm just letting you know what happens out here in the wild (LOL).

False positive - "infected" but not scanned - 10:35am Feb 4, 2021 CDT - X-MDAV-Result: infected
X-MDAV-Infected: xxxxx W-2.pdf
X-MDAV-Processed: mail.xxxxxxxxx.com, Wed, 03 Feb 2021 13:45:01 -0600

X-MDBadQueue-Reason: WARNING! attachment cannot be scanned (xxxxx W-2.pdf)

Content-Type: multipart/related,

Content-Type: multipart/alternative,

Content-Type: text/plain, charset="us-ascii"
Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable

SecurityPlus for MDaemon was not able to scan message attachment

  • ****************************** WARNING ******************************* The message has been scanned by SecurityPlus for MDaemon and was found=20
    to contain an attachment that could not be scanned. Information on the=20
    attachment and action taken is provided below...

  • Automated virus sample submissions idea - 12:07pm Jan 26, 2021 CDT - Yes, I'm trying it out - initially, instead of bombarding you with my junk, instead of running the script I'm just sending a message to the postmaster.
    My thoughts are that the script needs to run on messages that are flagged as honeypot messages e.g. X-MDSpam-Honeypot|contains|AND|YES| rather than sent to a specific address because I have at least a dozen honeypot addresses...


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