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"Clean" viruses? - 08:46am Nov 10, 2021 CDT - Today we received a "clean" file:
  X-CFilter-Restricted-Files: Copia de pago adjunta.zip (Copia de pago adjunta.exe)
  X-CFilter-Processed: Wed, 10 Nov 2021 04:11:59 -0600
  X-MDAV-Result: clean

I always quarantine risky attachments, sending it to VirusTotal the result is:
  Cyren - W32/Delf.GFZI-4902

I'm reporting it as a "Virus False Negative" and going to have to manually update the "Viruses detected count"

"Clean" viruses? - 10:31am Oct 14, 2021 CDT - Sure, but for me the issue is that the infection attempts are not being documented. Yesterday the "Viruses detected" count was incremented but I'm not seeing any information about it. Since I'm blocking detected viruses this suggests that something got through undetected into a spam folder, possibly with an attachment that I'm not quarantining ...

"Clean" viruses? - 07:38am Oct 12, 2021 CDT - It would be useful in MD were to increment the "Viruses detected" count whenever I click on the "Report to MDaemon.com As Virus False Negative" option to send you the file, I verify that it's infected by using the VirusTotal website.

The MS Exchange autodiscover protocol - 01:44pm Sep 27, 2021 CDT - I'm seeing reports that a flaw in Microsoft's Autodiscover protocol, used to configure Exchange clients like Outlook (and implemented in MDaemon) can cause user credentials to leak to miscreants in certain circumstances. It would be nice to hear that the MD implementation has tested this and found that it's not a problem for us or, if there is a problem, that it's been fixed.

"Clean" viruses? - 06:57am Aug 26, 2021 CDT - I'm "tracking" the access attempts and find the daily numbers interesting but of course it's only guesswork. Three viruses got through the MDAV yesterday and another one this morning - and recently we've only been seeing only 20 to 40 login attempts an hour (with all viruses blocked) but today we're getting 500 dynamic screening login attempts an hour.
The stats are very helpful, not scary - Thank You!


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