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Stephen Musser

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SecurityPlus for MDaemon - Update Failed - 04:18pm May 29, 2018 CDT - If I click on the URL, I do get an authorization prompt...

As of 7 PM it appears we are once again able to successfully receive updates.

SecurityPlus for MDaemon - Update Failed - 07:45am Jul 16, 2018 CDT - Since # PM today, AV updates are failing. Here is what I am seeing in my logs.

Date Time Action Status
5/29/2018 17:06:13 -- SPUPDATER START --
5/29/2018 17:06:13 Version 18.0.1
5/29/2018 17:06:13 Subscription active: 247 days left
5/29/2018 17:06:14 Definition version: 201805291602
5/29/2018 17:06:15 HTTP error (404) while trying to access http://files.altn.com/antivirus/ctav/updates/antivir-v2-z-.ini
5/29/2018 17:06:15 Retrying...

ClamAV scanning error 8 (comm-error) - 11:12am Dec 5, 2017 CDT - Is there a clamd.log file in the MDaemon/Logs directory that covers the time period when the errors occurred? Yes, I am attaching it. However in the log I only see the first of the two occurrences...

ClamAV scanning error 8 (comm-error) - 08:23am Dec 5, 2017 CDT - Am I understanding correctly that the error happened on 3 messages and then after that messages scanned correctly? Arron, yes, I had to re-queue 2 messages and then an individual message. However, in going through the logs I can only find a total of two messages...

ClamAV scanning error 8 (comm-error) - 04:34pm Dec 4, 2017 CDT - Can you send me your clamd.conf file from the /MDaemon/SecurityPlus/ClamAVPlugin/conf directory? I am attaching it.

What operating system is MDaemon running on?..


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