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Dominic Moore

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Ransomware attachments II - DOCM - 09:50am Aug 11, 2016 CDT - Hi,
The original message and attachment for this example are gone (hopefully deleted by the user) so I will have to catch another one.
 We do currently have SecurityPlus and it is detecting viruses in docm files although they are configured to be restricted. Which process scans first?..

Ransomware attachments II - DOCM - 10:55am Aug 10, 2016 CDT - Thanks for the reply. I've uploaded a ZIP file with the 4 configuration files. They are pretty straightforward...

Ransomware attachments II - DOCM - 10:18am Aug 12, 2016 CDT - Hi,

(No response to my previous message about infected RTF files coming through the restricted attachments filter.)

I also have *.DOCM restricted but these are still delivering ransomware to end users, for example


Does the attachment restriction no longer function, or what is the correct syntax?


Ransomware messages with attachments - 04:51pm Jul 18, 2016 CDT - Hi,

I have *.rtf in my content filter as a restricted attachment but apparently the syntax is incorrect as we are still getting multiple dot file names through, example 2UZLLNE0_k3.0e.rtf

What's the generic syntax to block *.*.*.ext type files?


Logging and reporting - no entries, virus ??? - 06:38am Jun 29, 2016 CDT - Hi,

Running a trial of the AV plugin for MDaemon (SecurityPlus 5 on 16.03)

I'm not seeing anything in the AntiVirus.log. I have logging into separate
files and Antivirus activity enabled.

Also, reporting shows 19 viruses blocked yesterday but 18 are named ???..


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